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French reward stickers

Our colourful range of language stickers are available in single-design or multi-design formats.

French Flashcards

Our picture cards currently comprise four lines:

1. a set of 120 cards designed to accompany the Hexagonie1 course (an integral part of the folder version of this course and a supplement to the softback version).

2. the QCA KS2 range of cards comprising a total of 155 cards in two sets based on the images included in the QCA KS2 French syllabus and activities. These are available as flash cards (with captions in French) and as picture cards (with no captions). The picture cards can be used in conjunction with the large pocket dice (LPD, see below). We also supply sets of word cards to go with the picture cards.

3. the Loto series set of 48 flash cards based on the images included in the Brilliant Publications "Loto" series of activity books. Thes cards carry French captions.

4. the Loto series of 70 picture cards based on the images included in the Brilliant Publications "Loto" series of activity books. These cards do not carry any captions and can be used in any language. The cards are available in two sizes, large and small and can be used on their own or else in conjunction with the large or small pocket dice (LPD, SPD - see below).

French bookmarks

Printed on thick card with useful vocabulary on the back our colourful bookmarks make ideal prizes, especially at the end of term. They are available in 3 different themes.

French posters

Our range of colourful and amusing range of French cartoon posters covers eight themes. All themes are available in A3 and A4 with the map of France also available in A2.

We also offer a range of photographic views of Paris in A3 covering the 4 best-loved landmarks.

French teaching materials

All of the excellent Brilliant Publications titles we carry are designed for non-specialist teachers of foreign languages. Through activities, songs and games the materials aim to encourage primary school pupils to communicate in speech and writing through the acquisition of simple grammar and vocabulary.

Added to this list is a conventional storybook of the famous hungry caterpillar (in two versions) called "La chenille qui fait des trous" and a CD-Rom based storybook containing 6 well-known traditional stories from Badger called "Primary French".

And finally, if you like teaching through games there is Sue Cave's compilation of 137 simple games for the foreign langues classroom.

French door signs

Brighten up your classroom with one of our colourful signs.

Measuring 45cm x 20cm (18in x 8in) they are available in 6 different themes.

French certificates

When a sticker is not enough you can reward your pupils with our colourful A5 size certificates.

French games & activities

Make acquiring and consolidating vocabulary at KS1 fun with these group activity cards. Covering 8 themes -

- La Nature - Le Temps - Les Couleurs - La Maison - Les Animaux - Les Vêtements - Le Corps et le Visage
- La Nourriture et les Boissons

each packs contain 39 picture cards covering 13 different items (2 sets of 13 with images plus captions and 1 set with just images) and 13 word-only cards plus cards with suggestions for 6 games.

Best-suited to smaller groups of 6 to 8. For larger groups several different packs would be needed which can be switched around from group to group to practise vocabulary across a range of themes.

They are suitable for use with both beginners and improvers.

French novelties and prizes

If you are looking for a little prize for the end of term or other special occasion then we might have something for you here; our range of French pencils comprises 12 colourful designs, each one with an eraser at the end.

The pencils are despatched unsharpened.

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