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Spanish stickers -

Our "Classic" and "Icon" Spanish mixed design packs each contain 175 stickers of 25mm diameter.

Spanish 'Bien' stickers

Our "Classic" Spanish mixed design packs but with the captions limited to 'Bien' so that the stickers can be used for both French and Spanish classes. Each pack contains 175 stickers of 25mm diameter.

Customisable Spanish stickers

Our customisable Spanish stickers comprise 12 identical sheets based on the "Icon" stickers images and will display the caption of your choice.


Our packs of "ESTUPENDO" flag stickers contain 216 stickers like those you can see here.

Spanish single-design stickers

Our single-design strips of stickers comprise 40 identical stickers of 25mm diameter.


Our Spanish "skills" stickers are available in 14 different designs (with two mixed design sheets, each containing 7 different designs to follow soon). The image here shows one of the individual designs.

The stickers are 25 mm in diameter.

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